Our Approach

Parrot Problem Solving 101 (PPS 101) uses a homeopathic/holistic approach to heal and maintain healthy companion birds.  By using this approach their systems are not clogged with pollutants or eating proteins filled with antibiotics.  We are not vets and we do not recommend that this forum be taken as a replacement for having your bird examined by a Certified Avian Vet.  We will recommend adjustments  based off the results of the tests given by your vet.  It is our genuine effort to compile helpful information in an effort to keep our companion birds happy and healthy.

Our Story

Parrot Problem Solving 101 (PPS 101) was developed as a collaborative effort by our admins (past and present) to provide information on care, behavior, diet, and problems that Parrot owners often encounter.  This is a voluntary effort, as we are just like you, Parrot moms and dads. These efforts have assisted many to improve and understand the commitment needed to co-exist with our companion birds. We sincerely thank all who have contributed to this effort, directly or indirectly.

Meet the PPS 101 Founders


Jami Galindo

Jami is an avian nutrition specialist, aviculturist and parrot owner her entire life. Originally calling the deep South home, she now calls the beaches and hinterland of beautiful Queensland Australia home. Her family flock includes her son Alex, a mini Macaw names Chillee, a rescue keet Nuggey and 2 cuddly chooks out the back, Bacon and baby Toot. Her teaching background has provided her the thirst to seek knowledge and learn from the best in avian society. Collaborating with Oneta M Carter fueled her quest to learn as much as possible about balancing a birds diet and environment for the purpose of harmony and feathering. Her hopes are to share with and teach others what she has learned in hopes to inspire others to have this same thirst to learn. She and Oneta currently own the list to 2 very successful help groups on Facebook , Parrots...Show and Tell and Parrot Problem Solving 101. They are dedicated to the harmonious enrichment and health of all that is PARROT.


Oneta M Carter

Hailing from the Deep South, being raised by a holistic practitioner and her frolicking flock of amazons, Oneta holds a masters degree and even a certificate as an avian specialist! Having a lifetime of experience in every facet of Parrot keeping, with a strong focus on diet and medicinal care, she helps aid many parrots with feathering, nutritional balance , training , husbandry, and general health care of our beloved feathered friends. Oneta’s personal flock ranges from macaws, cockatoos, amazons , greys, ecckies , and a conure! All are rescues, except one Amazon who was inherited from her mother upon her death. Many of them here are handicapped birds unable to go into normal loving pet homes or sanctuaries. Professionally working with avians for many years, Oneta looks forward to helping you and your parrot in anyway she can.

Facebook Admin Team

Behind every successful forum there is not only a great plan in place but awesome admin! We believe we have some of the best admin in the avian culture . They love all things parrot and always go above & beyond to help our members with their concerns, urgent and non.