Scentsy, Is it Safe? The answer ... according to Scentsy

December 31, 2015



There have been arguments and disagreements back and forth on whether Scentsy is safe for birds or not.


To get the answer to the question, Scentsy was contacted and here is their reply.





Thanks for contacting Scentsy Family.

We understand the importance of knowing that information for your pet's safety. We hope the information I list below is helpful to you.


Indoor Bird Safety:

Q: I have a customer who has pet birds. She wants to know if Scentsy products are safe to use around them.


A: Many of our customers use Scentsy products with no adverse effect on their indoor birds. However, Scentsy cannot guarantee that our products are safe for use around all birds. Indoor birds can be very delicate.


According to bird veterinarians, breeders, and resellers, any scented product can cause illness or fatalities in birds. Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, DVM, stated in an article posted on "... airborne agents can create a critical respiratory event; aerosols, burning candles, incense, cleaning agents, or smoke (tobacco or any other source)."


Q: Why would Scentsy products be dangerous for birds when they are safe to use around other pets?


A: The respiratory system of a bird is unique compared to mammals. It is more susceptible to irritation and inflammation from inhaling scented products such as scented candles, incense, carpet freshener, or air fresheners. Scents do not have to be burned or sprayed to damage the lungs of an indoor exotic bird.


Scented products including Scentsy Bars, Scent Circles, and Room Sprays contain volatile oils (scent oils are volatile oils) that are dispersed into the air when the fragrance is released through warming the wax. The fragrance in these scent oils can cause irritation to a bird's respiratory system. According to experts at, any fragrance can potentially be toxic and/or cause illness and possibly death in birds.


Q: Doesn't the fact that our fragrances are warmed instead of burned make them safer for use around birds?


A:  A bird's respiratory system is sensitive to fragrances whether they are burned, warmed, or sprayed into the air. We do believe our products are much safer than wick burning candles in every instance. However, the fragrances themselves - and not the way they are dispersed into the air - can be dangerous to birds.


Q: What should I tell potential customers about using Scentsy products around indoor or exotic birds?


A: Many people already use Scentsy around their birds with no ill effects. It is important to tell your customers that you cannot guarantee how their particular bird(s) will react. Most bird owners should already be aware of the potential issues regarding using scented products

around their birds. If they are unsure, tell them to check with their veterinarian before using scented products of any kind.


References & Resources: - Consumer-oriented information on the dangers of fragrances, from a non-profit organization dedicated to bird health and safety. - This link explains how volatile oils (fragrances) can potentially harm indoor birds' nervous and respiratory systems. - This link is to scientific, high-level medical discussions regarding "acute inhalant toxicity" in indoor birds.


Warm Regards,
Rich M., Bilingual Consultant Support Representative
Scentsy, Inc.
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