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January 6, 2016


Thoughts for the day are on directions, instructions, warning signs, caution labels, and information packets. In our everyday lives we are constantly scanning our environment for information. Information is critical for us as cognitive thinking beings to keep us safe and healthy. Information helps us get where we need to be (on time) , it warns us of hazards to keep us safe. Well the same goes for the files and suggestions we place here regarding your parrot. We are not going to tell you something is bad for your bird if there was not a multitude of advice to support it. It is your choice to heed the warnings, read the signs and study the information, and I urge you to do so.


Scenario- You are driving in a car and you see a yellow sign with a stoplight on it. This is fair warning that you are coming to an intersection that is controlled by stoplights. Now it is at this point any logical informed driver will prepare to positively implement the information you have just been presented. You also have the option to ignore the warnings and information presented to you. Will you get smashed every single time you pass through the intersection? Who knows? Chances are no, but chances are 100% it will result in harm. Thus the warning.


Scenario- You are at the doctor and he tells you that you are diabetic and you should avoid foods that interfere with the bodies insulin. You go home or to the library and you school yourself on all the best foods and diets to keep yourself as healthy as possible. You have the info and you set yourself a great routine and you get along with your health issues great. Now your neighbor gets the same news as you, diabetes. You have 2 choices, share your information and help, or wish them well and walk away. Also if you do share your info it is then the choice of the neighbor to heed it or not. All you can do is be a living testament to your teaching and information.



Scenario- You are the chosen care taker of one of the most amazing exotic creatures ever. Besides taking your breath and amazing you daily, this amazing little miracle is bonded to you and depends on you for the sustaining of their life. Do you seek out all the information you can and research all the information you are given, or do you just brush off the suggestions because it has been done for years? (Remember the intersection?) Chances are a bird will sustain on coffee, peanuts and seeds, but at the same time there is a 100% chance you are killing them years early.


I (and my admin) can be found here daily advising of healthy diet, procedures to balance and heal damages from rubbish foods and lifestyles. I will continue to do so because I care about ALL birds, but please when I draw your attention to a hazard, and you dismiss it, there is a 100% chance that some time in the future you will wish you had listened.

Jami Galindo





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