Well Crap

August 17, 2017


Note: Be aware that what goes in will directly reflect what the outcome looks like.


Grapes: (a high sugary treat and we advise to avoid anyway) very watery going in, a lot of clear water coming out.


Beets & Pomegranate: Remember Red in will give you Red out.


Just transitioned to pellets: a mush the color of natural pellets


Fruity pellets : Made with human grade food dye and more safe than some of the hanging toys in a cage. Remember the color in is the color out so FRUITY


Morning poop:  This will be the largest poop of the day but also the most informative. If you have concerns, try to grab this one for the vet. Likewise, if you post a question over on our forum, a photo of the first morning poop is very helpful.


Again these charts are a  simple guide. If you suspect there is a problem, first BREATHE, then monitor the next couple of poops. If all returns to normal,  welcome to parronthood. If the concerns continue, vet immediately.


Edited and adapted from the original effort by Sandra Witt.

Jami Galindo

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