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NEVER feed these ... not ever!

Bird Seed? No ...  it is NOT good to feed!

You probably know that many brands of parrot food on the market advertise a “healthy blend of seeds and dried fruit" well unfortunately that statement couldn't BE more false.  High seed content diets are not healthy, dried fruit is not something that should be fed either due to high levels of sugar and sulfites used in the drying process.


A large number of companion birds die each year due to Fatty Liver Disease, which is largely associated with a ALL or HIGH seed-based diet. The problem is seeds are high in fat and birds tend to consume so much of them without balancing their intake with veggies and fruits.


Do your research on parrot diet recommendations and feed seeds responsibly. A sprinkle on the chop is plenty. Look for seeds that provide good nutritional balance. 

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Wild birds, almost constantly active, are able to maintain everyday living off of seed because it is high in calories and permits them to spend more time flying and foraging for their alternative food sources so they burn off the fat. The kinds of “seed” these wild birds consume aren't even the same as the seed sold in pet stores which don’t have comparable nutritional qualities ... that's why most are vitamin fortified. How do you think those vitamins are added? They are sprayed on the shells which is the part that falls on the bottom of the cage/cup,  so the argument further loses credibility.


<-- And THIS is what happens to your bird's blood if they're fed a high seed or all seed diet.  

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