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Diet 101


Come on in, grab a seat, and let's have a talk about the proper diet basics for all companion parrots. Once you have the basics down, look at the special diets for certain species and then start your menu planning. 

A little info to get you started.

The what how and why behind our diet recommendations. Basic info on the ratios and getting started.

Why Low Energy

"Energy in" must equal "energy out" for a healthy bird.

Lots of color and variety please

Learn about the veggies you will want to make sure you provide your bird ... every day! 

ALL parrots should be getting a base diet of low energy vegetables. Balance is key here.

Tart and Tropical..yes please

Fruits are an essential part of the diet and provide necessary sugars. You MUST control the amount because too much sugar is detrimental to your bird's health and disposition.

Go Nuts!

A file of safe tree nuts and the nutritional info

How and Why

This is the how to and why you should sprout, with a little history thrown in for good measure. This is a very healthy form of green protein. I could not have said it better, thank You Ryan Andrews.

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Things you should never, ever feed your Fid.

Avian Nutrition explained 

Learn about the different vitamins and what foods they are found in.

All the recipes you could ever want!!

Flowers that your birds will enjoy. Make sure there's no insecticides.

A handy little mix to make your bird dig for the goodies.

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The buttons below will take you to some special diet considerations for certain species.
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