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Well Crap

by Jami Galindo

What goes in will directly affect the outcome.

  • Grapes: very watery going in, a lot of clear water coming out.

  • Beets & Pomegranate: Remember Red in will give you Red out.

  • Just transitioned to pellets: a mush color of natural pellets.

  • Fruity pellets: Made with human grade food dye and more safe than some of the hanging toys in a cage. Remember the color in is the color out so ... FRUIT

  • Morning poop:  This will be the largest poop of the day but also the most informative. If you have concerns, try to grab this one for the vet. Likewise, if you post a question over on our forum, a photo of the first morning poop is very helpful.

Again these charts are a  simple guide. If you suspect there is a problem, first BREATHE, then monitor the next couple of poops. If all returns to normal,  welcome to parronthood. If the concerns continue, vet immediately.


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