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Bird-Safe House / Aviary Plants


This page is provided as a word of caution.


The problem we have with any list of 'safe' or 'unsafe' plants is that there are a number of varieties of the same species some of which may be safe and others not. We have personally checked a couple of the supposedly "safe" lists and found several items listed as safe that are not.


We have a list of safe wood (for perches) and edible flowers ... if you don't see it listed there then you are going to have to do your own research. Contact an arborist for trees, shrubs, vines, and woody plants or a botanist to be certain if a type of plant is safe or toxic.


  • Make sure you ask if it is safe for your  parrot ... do not assume they know why you are asking.

  • Learn what parts are safe and what are not... some plants are safe but their berries are not or their sap is not.

  • If there is any doubt ... don't plant it.



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