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Vet Checks

If you have a bird with feather destructive behavior then the first stop needs to be your Avian Vet to rule out any medical reason for the behavior.


You are going to ask for

  • Physical examination

  • Fecal Float for Parasites

  • Fecal and Cloacal Gram Stains

  • Chlamydiosis (Psittacosis) … this disease can be transmitted to humans

  • Polyoma Virus Testing

  • Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease Testing (PTFD)

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

  • X-Ray (for evidence of heavy metal and to see organs for issues that aren't showing in the blood panel)


GET A COPY of all reports and tests and keep a health record. If you are seeing a certified Avian Vet, then he/she should be looking at the blood work and pointing out the parts that are high or low. This is the information you need to make the changes that will help your bird re-feather.

If you want or need personal help, then join our FB page and the admins with work with you (you don't have to do this alone). 

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