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Developed by Sandra Witt

Weight Check ...

One of the first lessons to learn in husbandry is know your bird. The look, the feel, and the weight. Get a digital gram scale and weigh your bird often. A healthy bird should be weighed weekly. If you are hand feeding a chick weigh daily before feeding at the same time. Aged birds should be weighed 2 times a week. Here are a few other things to keep watch for "Signs of Illness".


Keep a journal of the weights. This will be very helpful for your vet and you to monitor health.

Get to know the feel of your bird. feel the crop and make sure it is emptying daily. Feel the keel bone, and judge it according to the Helpful chart here ( Thank you

When it comes to health, weight is not species specific. We all have a healthy range.  Any variation on either side of this healthy marker is an indication your next stop is the  Certified Avian Vet to determine the cause and a plan.




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