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Here is a collection of other information we have that you might find interesting. Click the images below for the item you're interested in and go to a page with more information.

Air Fresheners
Safe Air Fresheners
Avian Nutrition 101
Facts about Psittacine Nutritional Needs
Recipe Box
Recipe cards for baked goods
This and That
A page of links and tidbits of information.
Shopping Cards
Lists of bird safe items for your shopping convenience.
Signs of Illness
Graphic reminder of signs of illness.
Tid Bits
Little snippets of information we posted for you.
Pest Control
How to get rid of and repel unwanted guests ... Bird Safe Pest Control.
Learn to Eat Chop
How to I get my bird to eat chop?
Egg Nutrition Facts
Know the facts about what you're feeding.
Bird Safe Rope
What ropes to use for bird toys?
Link to the transition from seeds process.
Cleaning Up
The endless struggle of cleaning and how to deal with cleaning with Parrots in the house.
Parrot First Aid Kit
Have these things on hand and an emergency vet or avian hospital on speed dial.
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